amyHi, I’m Amy and I can’t wait to meet you!

If there’s one thing I’m hooked on, it’s people and their stories. Listening to all you’ve done and all you long to do just stops me in my tracks. I forget everything else because nothing else matters as much.

Fortunately, people just like you tell me their stories every day and I am endlessly touched by the fact that each and every one of us has a heartfelt dream, an impassioned calling, a talent that is uniquely our own. So how do we joyously release them? How can we realize our potential?

Coaching is a fabulous option. It’s easier and far more enjoyable than figuring it out on your own, and you’ll get where you’re going a whole lot faster. Unearthing the many facets of my clients’ aspirations is always so interesting and it’s easy for me to see each person’s inherent abilities. Nothing beats shining a light on your gifts and witnessing a newfound exuberance and energy.

Writing your story is an effective tool, too. When we recall special moments and share them with others, we see ourselves through a much clearer lens. Often, a profound sense of gratitude emerges.

My greatest talent is recognizing other people’s talents and I cannot wait to celebrate yours!